Finding a show that truly makes a concerted effort to appeal to both children and adults was impossible … until Little Nashville… great music, great entertainment, and 100% positive feedback!
- Christian Collun – LaFayette Entertainment Council Chair
Little Nashville offers one of the best performances we’ve ever seen. All of our clients loved it and want them back! The band features a great mix of interactive music and positive messages that appeal to both the children and their parents. The whole crowd sings, dances, and truly enjoys the show. If you have a chance to see them… don’t miss it!
- Chicago, Illinois -
Festival Foundation, NFP.
Little Nashville brings a level of talent and professionalism to the stage seldom seen in children’s theater.
- Mike Donley /  Union, IL -
Co-Owner, Wild West Town – Children’s Theme Park
After attending my first Little Nashville show I was hooked! This was the best time I’ve had with my kids in a long time.
- Tim Marjewski -
Dad from Illinois
I think Little Nashville has tons of mileage as an entertainment concept, in a way that brilliantly fills a spot between entertainment and education. I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest to see it as a TV series or on the bigger screen as the characters and plots develop. Bring it on.
-  David Shanks / UK -
CEO, Heaven